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100% new PE, added with UV. It is very light in weight, will protect the crop from bird. And it won't damage crops. The bird netting has diamond, rectangle, and hexagonal shaped mesh with a flexible aperture width.


  Color: blue, green, white
  High Density Polyethylene, UV stabilized against radiation. 
  Size: 3*20m, 6*10m, 3*50m, 1*100m, 2*100m, 3*100m, 6*100m or other size
  Weight: 15-50g/m2
  Service life: > 6 years
  Warranty:  3 years


Plastic mesh bird netting is economical and reliable in plant protection against birds. It is solid and durable for several growing seasons and it can also be easily removed and re-rolled for next use. The bird netting is widely used to protect orchard, and crops from birds

        Bird Netting protects against birds attacking fruit or vegetables
        The plastic netting repels pigeon attacks
        Doubles up as an anti-butterfly netting
        The netting apertures allow smaller essential pollinating insects through


          Cultivation of vegetable seedlings, olive root stock, nursery stock, cabbage, peppers, lettuce, some orchard 
          varieties and pot plants.

         in small bag or in carton

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