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Shading net use
 Hits :        Date : 11-08-23

Shade net is a polyolefin resin as the main raw material, and joined the anti-aging agent and a variety of pigment, woven by drawing a lightweight, high strength, anti-aging network of new agricultural plastic cover material. Shade net covering cultivation, with shading, humidity, soil moisture, rain proof, anti-wind, frost, anti-pest birds, rats and other harmful effects.
Shade nets are 50-95% the rate of five kinds of shading, high shading rate is only suitable for vegetables, flowers and shade used on the general production of vegetables in general, with 50% shade net.
Celery, parsley and onion and garlic and so likes the cold, low-light production of vegetables in summer and autumn, in order to use 1210,1410 and so a higher rate of black sun shading network coverage based.
Tomato, cucumber, eggplant, peppers and other thermophilic, the glare of the summer and autumn vegetable production, according to the light intensity used 810 black silver and other network or use low rates of black sun shading net; avoid aphid, anti-virus, the best choice 200 or 1010 mesh network such as silver or black and gray color shade net cover.
Spinach, lettuce, Wuta so cold, half-covered in winter cold and leafy vegetables, choice of silver-gray shade net beneficial moisturizing anti-frost.
Nursery or fall short Huanmiao covered multi-use black shade net cover. To prevent viral diseases, or may choose silver or black and gray color shade net network coverage.
All-weather coverage, should use shade less than 60% of the net, or black and gray color network; 1210,1410, etc. can also be used with higher sun shade net cover single spaced 30-50 cm, or puts up a narrow shed Xiaoping coverage.

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