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The role of people's increased awareness building shade
 Hits :        Date : 11-08-23
With the growing emphasis on energy conservation, as well as increased awareness of the role of building shade, building shade products will be widely used across the country, the construction industry will get sun country further attention and policy support, will usher in a very good opportunities for development. Given China's 80% to 90% of building energy efficiency does not meet international standards, future space much wider. Awning outside the shade with a fully functional, able to completely block ultraviolet radiation, reduce the indoor temperature, reduce air conditioning load; awning with energy-saving effect, awnings, energy saving and environmental protection from the point of view, very significant; awning, in the block the summer heat at the same time, strong sunlight can make to the form of diffuse reflection of light into the room, bright indoor light without glare and does not affect the window to see the landscape from the interior, the people's living space extending from the interior to outdoors, creating a new living space; its shade cloth awning of the special anti-UV, not only the invasion of human skin from UV, but also greatly extended the life of interior decoration and furniture, has a colorful awning The cover fabric pattern, color, users can be selected. If the shade network and studio on the film close to, can not make out the heat distribution, thus increasing the temperature of sun of the network itself, will accelerate the aging of shade net. In addition, the films close to shade net, shade net absorption of heat spread films first and then spread to the shed, so you can not play very well shade net effect of reducing the greenhouse temperature. And if you hold up to the shade net, shade net and to leave some gap between the film, can effectively avoid the above drawbacks, so shade-net to play better results.
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