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Shade net effect of winter heat
 Hits :        Date : 11-08-23

While the vegetables cold insulation cover is mainly used for summer cooling shade net rain cover cultivation, winter generally do not have shade net, shade net, but idle is still to some extent, as cold insulation material. According to the tests showed that the use of waste covered by shade nets small Pengwai layers, the insulating effect of the traditional straw mat covering almost the same, and effort, Uncovery easy management. (1) insulation in the cold of winter vegetables and winter vegetable seedlings Jiaguo applied not only to mitigate in the face of severe frost and cold, and help a good seedling growth. (2) early spring vegetables, cold flow, anti-frost cover. For some early spring sowing or planting vegetables in the field, because the climate is not very stable, timely coverage of scientific shade net, not only can prevent the cold, night cream, but also help to improve seedling quality, lay the foundation for the early-maturing high yield. It is noteworthy that, although shade-net covering cultivation can be carried out in different seasons in different parts of timely and proper application of reasonable, but great attention to the shade cover to expose the network management principles, strictly control the coverage time, a cover is not easy in the end. Should also be fully aware of different types, varieties, specifications of the physical and chemical properties of shade net, and on this basis, depending on the weather conditions and growth characteristics of vegetables, using scientific methods and flexible coverage Uncovery management technology, in order to play its good performance, or would be counterproductive.

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