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Could not carry flowers and green belts hold up
 Hits :        Date : 11-08-23

Days of high-temperature "bake" test, not only out of people feel that tough, even the city could not carry some flowers and trees, according to the sun under the sun are some "listless" the.
In response to continued hot and dry weather, the Municipal Gardens Management Office has increased the amount of water is not drought-tolerant plants, and some of the low green belt to build a black shade nets, in order to reduce the amount of direct sunlight, summer cooling for the plant to ensure seedlings safe summer.
Into the summer, people go out an umbrella or wear sunglasses when the sun will, in fact, plants need shade. Yesterday, reporters saw in the South Loop, landscape maintenance workers, bamboo, wood and other support tools on the roadside green belt propped up a large black shade nets.
Garden maintenance worker said, shade nets set up in the net with the upper surface of plant leaves 15-20 cm distance, to ensure the plant ventilation.
Days of continuous high temperature, the area of ​​the garden, the top priority is to help plant Enron summer. Minister Li told reporters that the high temperature for plant transpiration, so plant a lot of "sweating" undermine the water balance, wilting become dry. In response to continued hot weather, the garden department to increase the choice on the part of the afternoon session is not drought-tolerant plants watering.
"Now the most important thing is watering every day, in addition to foliar spray the ground water but also the morning poured for three hours in the evening pouring three and a half hours." Minister Li said, "the main street to take thinning trees and the use of sprinkler irrigation methods to sunstroke. "
Cooling water for the plants to quench their thirst conventional means, according to the actual situation of the garden, planted some new plants also propped up the black "umbrella." Currently, the South Loop, Jincheng road bridge on some machine to bring non-isolated seedlings already have access to shade net, this is because a small bridge on the soil, high temperature, shade nets can help to build plants to overcome the heat of suffering. There are just cutting up a freshly planted seedlings and saplings, but also to build a shade net to block the sun's direct, newly planted plants to prevent sunburn.
Intolerable heat, cover the city to build all the green shade net long will it take? The garden area responsible person, in fact, most plants need sun, some plants do not only need some shade Fast protection measures. Such as the city is a lot of road next to the plane trees planted, and this deep-rooted tree root system, bar a very deep, they can replenish moisture, drought and strong. Some drought-resistant shrubs and lawn are weak, easily broken by the sun, to erection of shade net. In addition, the transplanting of trees not long since a good root system, drought-resistant sunscreen should be strengthened.

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