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Seasonal use of shade nets plant cultivation
 Hits :        Date : 11-08-23
Summer use of shade nets, can be cultivated cabbage, summer spinach, etc., to extend the cucumber, tomato, peppers and other vegetables spring growing season, increase production, improve the off-season vegetable supply; for cauliflower, celery, cabbage, lettuce, etc. covering nursery, can increase the germination rate ; mulching mushroom, can extend the supply period. Early autumn shade nets can cover lettuce, garland chrysanthemum, early radish, cabbage, coriander, cauliflower, cabbage and other early planting, early planting and listing; late autumn can be delayed cauliflower, cabbage and other vegetables to market during the autumn; cover leeks, ginger and other hi cool vegetables, can make normal growth, increase production ....

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