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Anti Hail netting

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The type of ecological network
 Hits :        Date : 11-08-23
Protection of natural disasters like network consists of:
Windbreak: with the wind in the orchard around the fenced care network, through the network aims to reduce the size of two or more wind speed, thus reducing hurricane losses. Japan is prone to typhoons, the technology is a lot of Japanese agriculture to reduce losses. If the network covering the top with hail, but also anti-hail. The other hand, wind or a network key green fruit: pesticide spray only on the Internet, do not spray on fruit trees, which produce a true sense of the green fruit.
Shade net: is the use of network-intensive preparation and mesh surface color of the light absorption or reflection of the principles to regulate the crop needed to reduce the temperature and sun glare when the high temperature destruction of crops, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing crop yields.
Animal and Plant Protection Network, including:
Anti-animal Net: can be used for a beast-infested mountains or nature reserves nearby crops, orchards around to prevent wild animals on crops, fruit trees violations, but also to protect human and animal safety. Such as anti-deer, wild boar, anti, anti-monkey, these networks will not harm animals, can promote harmony between man and animal.
Bird netting: covering the crops, orchards around the top, to prevent the birds for food, strawberry, cherry, watermelon and other fruits for abuse, but also to protect the birds from pesticide damage, maintain ecological balance.
Vegetable Insect: Insect cast with vegetables, adults can not fly into the eggs, raw vegetables will not insects, so do not spray pesticides, also produced a truly green vegetables.
Anti-grass Network: shop on the ridge, vegetable garden, orchards, parks, paths, etc. on the ground to prevent weed growth, mold growth, and thus create a good garden environment.
Types of agricultural production networks: many species give two representative examples.
Climbing net: vegetables cucumber and beans, vine stems are creeping up crops. Traditional cultivation patterns in wood or bamboo is barricaded with a tower frame, vine crops, stem disorder twist and tangle together, neither oxygen nor light. The network is supported by an ecological agricultural network, so that a reasonable and orderly vine climbing along the line, from the fundamental solution to the problem of ventilation and oxygen transmission, full use of space, so that beans, cucumber, not only will not be bent shape, and production will become fold increase.
Arch Network: watermelon, cantaloupe and other melons are vine crops stems creeping along. If two out of bamboo or plastic plate bridge support bracket, holes and the Internet, like an arch bridge, so watermelon (or melon) spread along the bridge climb, growth conditions completely changed. Can more fully absorb the sunlight, ventilation and oxygen are down, fully improved crop growing conditions, melon body larger, more upright-shaped melon, melon color more evenly, greatly improve the
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