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Shade net is the world and across the country focus on the promotion of economic projects
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Shade net is a polyethylene (HDPE) for the material, adding UV stabilizers, antioxidants, made by assembly line production of lightweight, high strength, aging resistance, easy to large area coverage of the new multi-purpose material that can adjust the control environment, optimizing the micro-climate, improve plant growth in adverse climate conditions, to achieve security is a high income, high-quality agricultural cultivation techniques. In vegetables, flowers, mushroom, fruit, herbs and other areas of aquaculture industry has rapidly expanded and has achieved significant economic benefits, is all over the world and focus on the promotion of economic projects. Due to regional differences in climatic conditions, the specific use to select a different shading rate to prevent the negative effects of glare caused by sunlight, in order to cover the surface temperature dropped 14 degrees shed, to prevent and reduce frost, storms, hail damage, etc. reduce evaporation, increase land temperatures 12-17 degrees, increased seedling survival rate, with to avoid pests, disease and other effects, is conducive to plant growth without injury.

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